A Bio Company,
pursuing total care for human health

Factory Introduction

Founded in 1956, Union Korea Pharm was designated as a place appropriate for KGMP qualification in 1994 and manufactures pharmaceuticals in various formulations, including tablets, capsules, and injections.
We produce excellent pharmaceutical products that meet GMP standards through strict quality control from raw materials to manufacturing, packaging and shipping.
Recently, we have maximized productivity by reinforcing manufacturing facilities.

In particular, we focused on minimizing defect rate with automated facilities, and received a commendation from Seoul Regional Korea Food and Drug Administration as an excellent company in the evaluation of manufacturing process/quality/hygiene management system in 2002 with strict production management by introducing various advanced equipment.
We will continue to do our best to enhance the effectiveness and safety that are directly connected to the precious lives of humans with high-quality technology throughout the manufacturing process.


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